Welcome to the Ultimate Daring
Mobile Adventure

Welcome to

Dare City

Dare to play like never before!

Explore the city like never before!

Dare City dares you to undertake adventures, build community, and explore your world like never before.

Collect points, achievements, and real-life experiences by completing dares, participating in events, and sharing dares with your friends.

Dare City is designed to push the limits of your creativity, so taking some risks and thinking outside the box is required!

Dare to be


Step out of your comfort zone and take on a wide range of exciting dares, from the hilarious to the heart-pounding.
Whether you're a daredevil or just looking for some fun, Dare City has something for everyone.

How to

Play the Game

1. Choose a Dare
Pick a dare from our extensive Dare list or from the Dare map.
Your safety is our top priority. Rest assured that every dare listed in Dare City is carefully curated and designed with your well-being in mind.

2. Capture the Moment
Snap photos or record videos of your dare attempts, capturing those unforgettable moments of courage and hilarity.

3. Upload and Approval
Upload your dare photos and videos for approval!
Once approved, your points will skyrocket, and your bravery will be celebrated.

4. Earn Rewards
Rack up points for every dare you conquer, and unlock exciting rewards and badges along the way.
Share your achievements with friends and the Dare City community.

The more you dare, the more you earn!


The Community

Compete with friends or challenge fellow DareCitizens to complete dares faster and better.

Share your progress and achievements with the community!

Will you rise to the top of the leaderboards and become the ultimate dare champion?

Upcoming Updates

- Partnerships

For businesses tired of marketing being a sunk cost, Dare City is excited to introduce our Partnerships program.

Put your business front and center in front of an eager Dare City community and watch your marketing spend go further than ever before.

- Profile and Achievements

Don’t just share your dares on social; earn points, achievements, and real-life rewards from your efforts.

- Customized Gameplay

As a Dare Citizen you are invited to build and host your own Dare City experience.

By creating your own custom dares and challenging your friends both locally and online, you can dare your community and build your own adventure.

- Be More Than a Citizen

Playing for free is good, creating your own gameplay is great, but being rewarded for it, dare we say that’s better?!

Our development team is currently working towards creating a program for select Citizens who have earned their daring stripes.

Stay tuned for more information about the Diplomat program and how you can earn a chance to be a part of the Dare City team.

Free to play


Play Dare City or free and access thousands of dares and social media connectivity.

Coming soon

Custom Gameplay


Build and host your own Dare City experience by creating your own custom dares and challenging your friends both locally and online.

Coming soon

Partner Program


Diplomats have the opportunity to identify and craft dares for small businesses in their area. Pending brand opt in, premium players can reap a portion of ad revenue earned by way of their clever dares.


Earn and add achievements along your journey to your profile.

Share Wins

View the communities dare attempts and share your own.

Create Dares

Craft your own dares and submit them to be added to Dare City.

coming soon

Private Games

Host your own private Dare City Event.

coming sooN

Dare to play

Join Dare City today and Unleash Your Inner Daredevil!